CGMA – Organic Design in Houdini Download (Premium)

CGMA – Organic Design in Houdini Download (Premium)

CGMA – Organic Design in Houdini Download Latest . It is of  CGMA – Organic Design in Houdini  Free Download.

CGMA – Organic Design in Houdini Overview

Title: CGMA – Organic Design in Houdini
Push your creativity in Houdini

In Organic Design in Houdini, you’ll learn to use the power of Houdini to implement complex effects in an efficient way. During these 6 weeks, you’ll see a bunch of different setups you can use to master motion design through several practical examples from scratch to compositing. After this class, you’ll be able to play with the software with a clear idea of the techniques behind each effect, and then unleash your own creativity!

Week 1 | Enter the VOP
In this first week, we’ll explore the power of working in VOPs to build complex animation | PointVOP basics | Animation without simulation | Using color to animate points | Generate p-scale to control shapes and movement | Build a simple octopus’s tentacles effect | Create an awesome tentacles effect invading a geometry, from scratch to compositing

Week 2 | Shoot to Trail
Continuing the progression from week one, we’ll explore tendrils, strings, and very light and delicate trails effect | Trails and solver techniques | Projecting points on curves | Points sliding along curves | Using the « shortest path » node | Morphing techniques | Create an advanced nerve system based on muscles geometry in a motion design way, from scratch to compositing

Week 3 | Ground Control to Major VOP
This time, VOPs will allow us to create terrains and complex geometry even animate it in a very fluid and organic way | Generate detailed terrains from scratch using VOPs | Creating liquid surfaces | Playing with textures, colors, and attribute transfers | Modifying surface with particles or objects | Create a cool abstract shape based on what we learned, and animate it directly in VOPs, from scratch to compositing

Week 4 | Looping Jack Flash
Here we start entering a more advanced area using copy techniques and repetitive pattern to build complex mechanical system based on a simple attribute | Understanding different copy techniques in H16 (standard, stamping, toPoints etc…) | For loop and for each loop | Understanding iterations and offset techniques | Animate a simple system based on color attribute | Create an awesome mechanical clockwork style effect from scratch to compositing

Week 5 | Houdinian Rhapsody
This week we’ll start to mix different effects and see a bunch of various techniques really helpful in motion design nowadays: let’s see how we create even more abstractness using the power of Houdini | Trails and curves techniques to build object | Simple cloth animation (need to know the basics) | Particles (need to know the basics) and trails techniques | The power of the pointDeform | Particles animation working with UVs | Propagation effects techniques | Create a very poetic ghost using a mix of techniques, from scratch to compositing

Week 6 | Another Loop in the Wall
On this final week, it’s fractal time ! Let’s see together how we can build interesting shapes and fractal-like systems to create mesmerizing effects without too much pain | Extrusion based on color attributes techniques | Building a simple city with this technique to practice a bit | The clip node and how to replicate geometry to have interesting shapes | Looping geometry and offsetting animation | Create an awesome and complex mechanical fractal system based on our knowledge, from scratch to compositing


CGMA – Organic Design in Houdini Download

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